Takashi Nagai and Nagasaki bombing

Takashi Nagai was a physician who survived the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and devoted himself to helping the victims of the war despite his illness and to spreading words of peace and love among people.

The life

Born in 1908, he entered Nagasaki Medical College in 1928 and specialized in radiology. In june 1945, two months before the nuclear attack, he was diagnosed with leukemia (probably due to his exposure to x-rays during radiological examinations performed by direct observation in his fight against the tuberculosis outbreak) and was given only 3 years to live.takashi_nagai

Exposed to the atomic bombing, Takashi Nagai received severe injuries but engaged in relief activities for three days. Back home, he found his wife’s remains and decided to form a relief team to take care of the injured.

Once the war was over, Takashi Nagai started writing books about his experience and peace, in order to leave a will to humanity. In his last years he lived with his two children in Nyokodo, a tiny one-room house close to the bomb’s hypocenter and built by his friends for him. The place was named after the motto “Love others as you love yourself”.

He died in 1951 at the age of 43.

The messages of peace

We shouldn’t hate the people who seem bent upon breaking the calm of peace. If hate arises in our hearts, we will also lose the right to wish for peace.

True peace is brought about by the power of pure love, not by complicated meetings or ideologies.

Nuclear war is not at all beautiful or interesting. It is the most disappointing, most brutal and most complete form of destructon. Only ashes and bones remain, nothing touches the heart.

War is such folly! Nobody can win or lose in a war. There is only destruction. Humans were not born to fight! Peace! Peace forever! I wanted to convey this appeal far and wide.

Let us forgive each other…because no one is perfect. Let us love each other…because we are all lonely. Whether it be a fight, a struggle or a war, all that remains afterward is regret.

The person who wishes for peace does not hide even a needle as a weapon. Even when driven into the need for self-defense. If  you have a weapon you are not qualified to pray for peace.

Official website of the Nagasaki city Nagai Takashi Memorial Museum 


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