Kurita Chodo and poetry

Kurita Chodo was a haiku poet of the Edo period. He was the son of a prosperous sake brewery owner; when he was in his twenties he began to compose haiku and chose a pen name that expressed his determination to give up fame and wealth.


At the beginning of the 19th century Kurita built a small cottage in Matsuyama, called Koshin-an, where he devoted himself to haiku and a tranquil existence. The place is open to the public and visitors receive a warm welcome and a cup of green tea.

The time seems suspended and the water dripping is the only noise here. You could almost feel Kurita’s presence while reading some of his verses:

Koshin-an, the cottage in Matsuyama where Kurita Chodo lived
Koshin-an in Matsuyama

Going out in autumn
it always seems to be
a moonlit night

Blossoms in full bloom
nothing left for them
but to fall

The grassy door
an old friend
with the plum tree


The mottos that best represent me? "Worry more about your conscience than your reputation. Because your conscience is what you are, your reputation is what others think of you. And what others think of you is their problem." and..."Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!"

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